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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is another pillar of East Asian medicine. It is used as a stand-alone form of treatment and sometimes it is used together as an addendum to one’s acupuncture treatment to expedite the healing process and strengthen the body. In addition to this, herbal formulas give our patients an active role in their treatments. Like most countries, China developed a system of herbal medicine that involved the use of different herbs.  
These herbs consisted of different substances: 
    • Plants (eg. cinnamon twigs [Gui Zhi], astragalus [Huang Qi], loquat leaf [Pi Pa Ye], etc.) 
    • Minerals (eg. gypsum [Shi Gao]) 
    • Foods (eg. garlic [Da Suan], ginger [Sheng Jiang], reishi mushroom [Ling Zhi], etc.) 
    • Animal products (eg. turtle shell [Gui Ban], deer horn gelatin [Lu Lu Jiao], etc.) 
    • Herbs are often administered as a formula; a group of herbal ingredients to help treat
      disease as opposed to just using one ingredient.  
Each ingredient in an herbal formula comes in four groups: 
    • “King” – it is the main ingredient that exerts the maximum effect. 
    • “Minister” – it is the secondary ingredient that supports the main ingredient. 
    • “Assistant” – it reinforces the King herb or the Minister herb, reduces the harshness or 
      the toxicity either ingredient. 
    • “Envoy” – it synergizes all the ingredients to work together and focuses each ingredient 
      on treating a particular pathway, organ, or system in the body. 
Chinese herbal medicine is given in two different forms. The first type is internal formulas and the second type is external formulas.  
Internal formulas come in different forms for ingestion
    • Raw herbs 
    • Powdered formulas/ granule extracts 
    • Pills and tablets 
    • Tinctures
    • External formulas come in different forms as well: 
    • Liniments 
    • Ointments 
    • Soaks 
    • Powders 
    • Plasters  
Most herbal formulas are not certified by the FDA but are in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). They have no heavy metals, toxins, preservatives, or fillers that
can cause harm to the body.
Here at Zen-Ohs Acupuncture, we often use herbal formulas in powdered form and in pill form. The formulas that are taken internally are for treating systemic conditions such as high blood pressure. For our patients with aches and pains due to trauma, we give liniments and ointments that are externally applied to the body.


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