I have been suffering with Gout in my left foot. Previous I had gout in my right big toe, but this time it affected my whole foot up to above the ankle.  My better half, Yvonne, insisted that I should go for an Acupuncture session with Dr. Billy Shonez Singh of Zen-Ohs Acupuncture. Now you must understand that I hate any type of Needles going into my body. I have had only three sessions and my foot is pretty well back to normal. My wife came with me on the first session and she was looking at my foot. About every 10 minutes she said “Look at this. This is amazing”. Within half an hour my inside ankle went from fire engine red inflammation to a normal pink. Right now, the skin tone on my whole foot is normal and the Pain has subsided drastically. I am a believer and THANK YOU Dr. Billy Singh for everything.

- Howard Bisk, Levittown, NY.

Billy Singh truly knows the art of acupuncture. I've been under treatment with him for a few months, and I am truly better off for it. My weak legs and painful back have been strengthened to a point where I believe that I will be walking properly and even resuming sporting activities before very much longer -- all to my surprise and delight. I've been struggling for over two years, and now I see a bright light at the end of the tunnel!

- James W. Reed, Deputy Commissioner of Consumer Affairs for Nassau County.

I am a mother of a teenage son who, for a few years, suffered upper and lower back pain. I went to many and various professionals in an effort to get relief from the constant pain. Unfortunately, none of the medical professionals to whom I turned for help were able to alleviate my pain. In desperation, I looked into alternative forms of medicine. It was at this time that I found Billy and decided to turn to acupuncture. After two treatments, the pain I was experiencing was relieved. I would highly recommend the services of Billy.

- Jolanta Gackowski, Sales Associate, Commercial Realty Hub, NY

I have been suffering with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis for about eight years. After researching alternative methods of pain management, I came across Billy Singh’s web site and was impressed by his credentials. I have been seeing him for acupuncture treatments for several months with excellent results. The treatments have given me great relief from the inflammation in my knees, feet, and shoulders. I am thrilled with the results I am getting from the treatments and would highly recommend them as a compliment to conventional medicine.

- Janet M.

Dr. Singh,

 I am a professional videographer and my work involves being on my feet for many hours at a time. Before I came to visit you in May 2010, for the previous one year I was feeling extreme pain in my legs and knees which made it difficult for me to walk normally, climb stairs, or carry on my professional work.

 I am pleased to let you know that since you worked on my legs in May 2010, I am feeling very good. I don't have any more pain in my legs and knees any more. Thanks to you and your acupuncture therapy and the herbal medicine. Thanks again.

- Surinder Singh VideomanToronto.com

 P.S.: It was worth every penny to travel to New York to your clinic.